Gordon’s  Welcoming Introduction

“Fine artists and painters are privileged to participate with the true Creator.” In the process of arranging the elements of His creation into a meaningful composition, the artist can bring pleasure by touching and stimulating the depth of experiences and emotions of each viewer. Gordon wants his paintings to grip and capture each observer, stirring and releasing their individual thoughts and human experiences.

“My work is varied and embraces Abstract Expressionism, Nonobjective, and Stylistic Realism. Today, I paint with passion in whatever style most connects with my inner human spirit and; hopefully, has the best chance of stimulating the heart of the viewer. I attempt to do this by focusing on fundamental artistic principles of design and composition, the inherent qualities of the media, the beautiful colors, lights, and textures found in this world.

My paintings may find their basic roots in arranged elements or landscape.  Art for me will always be an attempt to capture light and textures in a pleasurable and contrasting power of paint and the media of choice. Although the themes and styles may vary, the very core of my painting is Spiritual. I believe that the true Creator has given each and every one of us an opportunity to participate with Him in His great creation. What we do with our talents and gifts will have eternal significance.”

Gordon Swayze

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