“Gatun Lake”
“Jardin de la Julita”
“Tuscany #2”
“Feliz Sueno”
“The Cellist”
“String Quartet”
“Lady Muque”
“Think Inside the Box”

“Ballard Locks”
“Masochism, Suicide, and Shooting the Stars and Stripes”
“Still Life with Blue Bottle and Goldfish”
“African Wedding Dance Under the Baobab Tree”
“Space Warp and Worm Holes”
“Bad Hair Day”
“Changing of the Colors or Betsy Ross Revisited”
“Gauteng Township”
“Suburban #1″
“Still Life with Copper Kettle and Orange”
Lyrical Images”
“Tour de Tucson”
“Fruit Bowl after Bonnard”
“Tango Lights”
“Goldfish, Toucan and Ladybug after Matisse”
“Sonatina in D”
“Las Puestas del Sol son Bonitas en Costa Rica”
“Still Life with Copper Kettle, Fruit, and Knife”
Finca, Luz de la Luna, and Rio Bejuco”
“Worlds within Worlds”
“Win, Place, and Show”
“Better Mousetrap
“Ancient Zoomite”
“Boquete in Chiriqui

“Get Along Little Doggy”
“Roses Still Life after Manet”
“Captain Jack Swayze Returns to Base”
“Still Life with Fish and Sink”
“String Dimension Eleven”
“The Seamstress”
“Big Top”
“Ngicele Ukuqabula (The Kiss)”
“Dash for the Fort”

“Fruit Basket after Bonnard
“Field Commander”
“Derby Day”
“Soweto Saturday Night”
“Arizona Cowboy”
“Glimpse into New Worlds”
“Cavalry Charge on the Southern Plains after Remington”